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   Our family business extracts and manufactures granite from its " Gris du Verdier " quarries since 1968 in the Sidobre region near Castres.
Thanks to our fully automatised machines, we also process a wide range of finished products in all sorts of granites.
We export since more than 20 years, mainly to Germany.



  The " Gris du Verdier " is one of the Tarn granites.
It is famous for its robustness and its constant quality.
It does not break, resists to all weathers. It suits any
kind of constructions and harmonizes with all colours
and materials.







                                                              The pedestrian streets in Hamburg or Barcelona,
                                                                  the Minister of Finances in Paris Bercy and more
                                                                  recently the tram in Lyon are some of the most
                                                                  beautiful works made of Tarn granite.